We want you to tell us about your life before the CAP program, your transformation during CAP and where you see yourself in the future because of CAP.  The foundation recognizes that we are successful because of YOU. Because of you, we want to celebrate your success! There is no better way than to tell the world about you and publish a book with you in it.  What are the rules?  That’s right, just write:


1)       All applications must be 500-1,000 words.  Please submit a picture with your submission to be published with your story (either a personal photo or drawn).  The contest runs until June 1, 2018.

2)      Please tell us about YOU – for instance, tell us about your life at home, in school, experiences you have had that influence who you are.  What were your goals before CAP?

3)      How has CAP helped you?  Is your attendance better, your grades?

4)      Last, have your long-term goals changed because of CAP and what are they now?  How will you inspire others?

We are requesting that our participants just write.  We will do the editing and make a call if necessary, so please make sure we have an updated number.   We want to hear about YOU.  Just write and we will do the rest.

All applications will be reviewed by a third party and will not be returned to the entrant.  Not all stories will be selected for publication.  And, always do your best work!  This is about you.  CAP is a unique program and you are a unique YOU so we cannot wait to hear about our participants. 

***NOTE:  If possible, type your story and e-mail only the story to:  The application form and picture must still be mailed (PMJ Foundation; P.O. Box 6812; Ellicott City, MD  21042)  If you are unable to submit a typewritten story via e-mail, please mail it along with the application and picture.***